CTM Full Stack Deployment Model

Components are identified as follows: 1) OpenNMS core; 2) Kafka message broker; 3) PostgreSQL database; 4) Elasticsearch; 5) Apache Cassandra; 6) Sentinel; 7) Grafana; and 8) Kibana Minions (at remote locations).

CTM is OpenNMS-based general-purpose network, a consolidated infrastructure management platform, and an agentless infrastructure monitoring solution that can visualize, monitor, report, and troubleshoot problems across our clients’ entire infrastructure. The licensing for CTM is flexible, portable, and transferrable from device-to-device upon decommission and replacement.

CTM is a highly customizable, robust, and scalable single-user interface that will integrate with existing applications and provide our clients with a comprehensive view of their compute and storage environment, including device data collection (which is compiled using remote device data collectors). Once data is validated by our engineering team, key performance metrics are stored in a time series database. This will trigger alarms or workflows to provide proactive problem resolution, thus easing the burden on clients’ operations teams. With this time series-based information (including historical performance and alerting data), CT can view/configure dashboards, alerts, reporting, health information, and other parameters; automatically create and distribute reports (scheduled and on demand); analyze trends; monitor storage systems; and provide recommendations to improve capacity management and optimize performance.