Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services

  • Network Management

Our Network Management service is built to ensure real-time administration and management of networks across the enterprise. Our team of experts provide various services including fault analysis, performance management, provisioning of network and network devices, while maintaining the highest quality of service. We leverage industry best practices and employ an approach that is built on top of ITIL’s Continuous Service Improvement (CSI) and CMMI’s Process and Product Quality Assurance (PPQA). We fuse this with our DevOps framework to deliver quick and accurate customer-focused service.

  • System Administration

We understand that for any enterprise to successfully delivery on its objectives, the systems that delivers on these goals need to run smoothly. Our System Administration service ensures that all systems are always up and running at its optimal capacity. Our experienced staff is committed to keeping the lights on and are very proficient in providing these services, be it Patch Management; Access Control and Management; Backup and Recovery Management; Data Center Management; Audit Management; or Security Management.

  • Disaster Recovery (DR) and Continuity of Operations (COOP)

Our philosophy revolves around the fact that DR and COOP is an ongoing process, a lifecycle rather than a once-a-year checklist. Keeping that in mind, we follow a five (5) phase lifecycle to provide DR and COOP services. The phases are: Analysis – to determine potential impacts, identify likely threats and

develop impact scenarios; Design – to identify  the most cost-effective and technically viable solution; Implementation – to execute the design elements identified during the design phase; Testing and Acceptance – to ascertain that the DR and COOP plans meet the needs and is acceptable to the enterprise; and Maintain – to monitor and learn from the findings to only improve the plans but to also ensure viability of the solution. Our approach employs industry standards and best practices, including FCD 1 & 2, ISO 22301, NIST 800-34 and 53, FISMA standards, and compliance relating to DR, COOP, and information security.

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