Health IT

Technology Impact

Technology has had a tremendous impact on healthcare and healthcare delivery. From care providers to insurance providers to policy researchers and administrators to regulators and finally the patients, every aspect of healthcare has changed through the use of technology.

Health Information Technology (HIT) is a tool and a means through which care providers can deliver better care to patients and through which patients can have access to care seamlessly, anywhere.


Cognizance Technologies (CT) has a deep understanding of the data generated during the course of delivering care; everything from patient care delivery data to administrative data to patient ecosystem data to patient reported outcomes data. This understanding allows to work with both structured and unstructured data, to apply appropriate technology in each scenario, and to provide solutions that serve in the form of population management, predicting risk and resource use, surveillance, quality of care and performance measurement, predicting and preventing fraud, waste, and abuse.


CT has provided solutions in this domain to different stakeholders in the public , private, and non-profit sectors. These include solutions to exchange information, to securely store and provide access to that information, to integrate information from multiple sources, and to analyze the information through multiple lenses.