Human Centered Design


When building solutions, Cognizance Technologies (CT) keeps our design principles on the forefront in order to achieve an optimal experience for our users. It begins with following a mental model, things should do what one would expect. These expectations must fall within the needs of the user (what is it they’re trying to do), and make sure that this theme is consistent throughout the entire solution. Also keeping things simple in both design and instruction is a key principle, building an aesthetically pleasing interface is one thing, but building one that also guides users clearly brings everything together.


Our approach is based on the cycle of user experience design. This starts with a proper understanding of the customers needs which is followed by creating interactive prototypes followed by usability testing. This is done in an iterative manner and the cycle is repeated as needed.


We use a method of interaction design with our solutions that encapsulates 3 main areas; Usability, Consistency, and Visibility. We concentrate on 10 general heuristics; Visibility of system status, match between system and the real-world, user control and freedom, consistency and standards, error prevention (and graceful degradation), recognition rather than recall, flexibility and efficiency of use, aesthetic design, precise plain language error messaging, and help and documentation.