Cloud Computing


We use our experience in a wide range of cloud vendors—including AWS, Azure, Google and private cloud providers—to ensure that organizations have the understanding and the knowledge to make informed decisions when selecting a cloud service provider that will be appropriate for meeting their specific needs. Our team believes that creating an enterprise-wide cloud strategy that is optimal for your particular environment makes a significant difference in the secure delivery of information and services. That being said, our use of container based technologies, such as Docker, help us ensure that our customers can rapidly change cloud vendors without major investment.


There are many parts to an organization that can be affected by the implementation of a cloud offering. Whether it’s at an infrastructure level or a simple business process level CT has the experience to not only identify these challenges but help you avoid them all together so that the investment your organization has made can be realized by way of scalability, flexibility, reliability and cost savings. Our knowledgeable team will make sure your organization finds the right balance of utilization with each cloud service and eliminate wasted time and money while focusing on solving business problems. Our staff has a wide range of skill sets and capabilities to ensure your cloud strategy is properly implemented by taking care of details such as network architecture, automated configuration management, and implementing monitoring solutions. With a focus on monitoring, configuration, scalability, and issue resolution, we ensure that our clients are able to realize the benefits of the cloud.


Having implemented a number of cloud based systems we have a deep understanding of different strategies necessary to build and deploy solutions. These depend on which cloud service provider (CSP) is selected and what services within a given CSP are selected. These choices help us whether we're implementing a work off-loading solution, an API data analytics solution, or a full fledged cloud based system.