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Headquartered in the Washington DC area with offices in Virginia and Maryland, Cognizance Technologies (CT) is committed to providing meaningful solutions that are aligned with our client’s core mission while addressing their critical business challenges. Our focus has always been on the customer centered approach, employee satisfaction and on delivering solutions with uncompromising quality. We take pride in developing cutting-edge solutions for the public (Federal and State government), private (commercial entities), and non-profit (academic and non-governmental organizations) sectors. We continually add talented and passionate individuals who share in our commitment to solving our clients’ unique challenges. We do this by hiring people from across the country, allowing us to find the right people for the right job.

Our Approach

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Who We Are

Being a small business, we take pride in our ability to remain agile, nimble and flexible to the ever-changing demands of our customers and employees. Our most important virtue is focusing on the outcome first and not on making a profit, which we are able to uphold by being diligent in our understanding of the customer and ensure that we’re not losing sight of the big picture. We have a philosophy which stems from the belief that it is our responsibility to simplify the complex. Our intellectual capital is based on three tenets: never settle for anything less than your best; push the boundaries of ordinary; and be accountable.

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Core Values

We are proud to support clients that have given us opportunities to create lasting solutions for mission-critical challenges, while strengthening our social responsibility, impacting our corporate culture, and enriching our employees’ lives. We strongly believe that our clients and the community at large deserve the most innovative and affordable solution to their complex challenges; and that requires thought leaders. At CT, we inspire our team members to grow and advance by encouraging them to constantly improve their skills through continuing education, certifications, and training. Core to the CT culture and considered uncompromisable is the belief in service, charity, and volunteering. We are grateful that we have been presented with opportunities that make a difference in our way of life and we are committed to reciprocate with the most important and essential quality – our heart and soul.